DMCA & Putlocker

Illegal distributors of movies have been apparent nowadays because there are a lot of websites that give out free movies and in the end. Since DMCA was implemented, a lot of websites are now very careful whenever someone copyrights their free movies and that includes Putlocker. Since you can watch free movies online on this website, they have all the rights to complain to us if someone used their material in illegal distribution or for any other things that they didn’t acknowledge.Contact us – [email protected] and we will take immediate action.

Whenever a person is going to file a complaint regarding this issue, they would provide forms that we need to accomplish so that our management could take action in it. However, if you are not the owner of the material that is being complained, you need to have an authorization saying that the owner is allowing you on their behalf because you are the one who saw the unauthorized content and want us to take action on it.


Putlocker Full disclosure


Since this website exercises this law, we at putlocker world want to make sure that the movies we are allowing 3rd party sources placing on our website are their own property and nobody should use it for other means. Putlocker placed movies on their website to let people enjoy, not for someone to take the opportunity on it and make it a business.

Be careful when you are filing a complaint, though. Make sure that all the files you passed on them are true and has a basis or else you will be under penalty if a single information is wrong because that could only mean that you are framing someone or just making a very incomprehensive joke. Contact us – [email protected]